Fraktal Summernight

The International Opera-Workshop Werdenberg consists of a team of artists of visual design
(visual/medial art), music/sound, action design (performing arts) and story/ dramatisation.
The IOW aims to transcend art forms. Fractal Summernight was a reimagening of
Shakespeare's "A Midsummernight's Dream",in the walls of the Middle Ages
as a contemporary opera of the digital age.
In this site specific Opera the Werdenberg castle became the magic wood.
The visitors travelled through multi-layered worlds of the "Midsommer Night's Dream"
and the borders between the performer and the audience got blurred.

Segment: "The Party"
Conceived and Directed by: Johannes Schaff & Vlada Maria
Music by: Olmo Guadagnoli & Elia Buletti
bar party
part 3 party 4

More Pictures of the Opera:

bar party
part 3 party 4
bar party
part 3 party 4
part 3 party 4

Making Of:


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