The Hunt
Short Film

Director: Johannes Schaff
Camera: Brian Hickey
Editor: Simon Phillip
Thomas Morris
Claude-Oliver Rudolph
Ludwig Hollburg
Traudel Bogenhauser
Tobias Altemueller
Tassilo Freiherr von Wiedesperg
Tjark Bernau

Origianl Score by Warner Poland
Written by Johannes Schaff & Brian Hickey
Produced by Jules Gladys
Visual Effects: Johannes Bogenhauser

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'The Hunt' follows the life of three poachers in the Bavarian alps of the 1870's.
In defiance of landowners and laws made to protect the very people who made them;
an uncle and his two nephews have decided to continue to hunt illegally.
But the hunters become the hunted, as the gamekeeper and his deputy come upon them
unexpectedly during one of their adventures. In an ambush one of the boys gets killed.
The other two men manage to stay undiscovered, but to keep their identities hidden
they have to escape with their friend's body before the killers can reach it.
The noose around their necks tightens more and more as the gamekeeper closes in on them.

Best Drama @ American International Independent Film Festival 2010


German trailer for "The Hunt"

The Following Videos are part of the process towards the final film.

Animated Storyboard for "The Hunt"

Concept Trailer for "The Hunt"